Performance & Presentation: Intro to Screen Acting

A one-day course at JAM Talent studio, in Rosedale, Auckland.

This is an all-round introduction to what happens at auditions. We focus on how to develop your awareness of non-verbal communication (body language) and how you can maximise your performance on camera. And finally we have a look at scripts and how to deal with them.

The course is practical - 'hands-on' - and each group is no larger than 8 people. You get to work in front of the camera and see what you've done immediately. By the end of the day, you'll find that your confidence has increased, and you'll have learnt some skills that are useful in life, as well as at auditions!

In the words of people who have already done it:

“a fantastic opportunity”, “a full-on course”, “a must-do”, “interesting, informative and fun too!”, “essential training”

“The session is awesome and a good learning experience. New skills and discovering things that you never knew you could do.” Moeaki Finau

“Very fun and interesting way to learn how to act, to find your flaws and develop in a positive and creative way. Definitely worth it!” Lucy Philips

“Provided some useful insights. Although it was unnerving to view self on camera, it was extremely helpful.” Troy Williams

“Very worthwhile and much easier for a beginner in a small group. I’m much more confident now, about myself and facing an audition.” Susan Moore

“It really makes you think about what you’re doing with your body, how you hold yourself, facial expression etc. Taught me to forget my inhibitions – the more you loosen up, the better!” Caitlin Jordan

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